Tailored Music instruction based on each students’ interests. 

We teach a wide range of musical styles including classical, rock, sacred, jazz, blues, and pop music. Each lesson is personalized and planned in advance in a way that works best for you.

Increase your student's performance in school and music class. Olivia Young works with students to develop good practice skills on their instruments that can also help to boost grades in school. Learning to play an instrument has been shown to help develop brain connections at any age. 


Experienced Music Instructor. 

Olivia Young is a dedicated, enthusiastic, and encouraging piano teacher with many years of experience teaching piano in Duluth and the Twin Cities. Her undergraduate and graduate degrees focus on piano pedagogy as well as performance technique and musicology. 

Comfortable observation area.  

North Hill Music is located at an office suite building on Industrial Blvd in Stillwater and therefore boasts a welcoming and professional atmosphere. Parents and family members are invited in to listen during their student’s lesson. 

Performance opportunities included in tuition.

Student music recitals are held twice a year to solidify positive practice and performance techniques.

Central location near downtown Stillwater, MN. 

Our studio is located in Stillwater, MN in the business district and is within walking distance to many amenities such as shopping centers, the library, post office, coffee shops, and much more. 

Studio equipped with top of the line instruments. 

Piano students play on a Steinway A2 grand piano during their lessons and a Steinway concert grand piano for their recitals. We use various types of media to spark creativity and keep lessons interesting as you learn your instrument.