Event Pianist

The piano is a wonderful and versatile instrument that will bring joy and elegance to your special event. Olivia Young is able to perform before, during and after your wedding ceremony and/or during your cocktail/dinner hour. Each part can be booked separately or together. Every booking will include a free consultation, an electronic instrument (if an acoustic instrument is not available at the venue), any additional equipment and your choices of music to be performed during the event. While Olivia’s repertoire is extensive she will be happy to learn new pieces at your request at no additional cost.


The Ceremony

Live piano music can provide a beautiful and romantic background to your wedding ceremony. Olivia’s piano playing will set the stage from the moment you walk down the aisle to when you depart as newlyweds.

Arrival: 3-6 pieces of music (~15 min)

Entrance or Procession: 1-2 pieces of music

Exit or Recession: 1-2 pieces of music


The Cocktail or Dinner hour

The Cocktail or Dinner hour is usually immediately after your Ceremony when guests can begin to celebrate with drinks and appetizers. This is also a time for photographs for the newly wed couple.

This is a great time for more ‘upbeat’ piano music as your guest will be in the mood to celebrate! Olivia is able to play right after your ceremony until your cocktail hour is over or right through your dinner hour. Usually 15-20 pieces will be played during this time.