Olivia Young, a native of Taylors Falls, Minnesota, is our principal piano instructor. She recently graduated from the National University of Ireland with a Master of Arts degree in Piano Performance and Musicology.

While her degree is in Piano Performance, her dissertation compared three major piano pedagogues in North America: Dr. Paul Wirth of Minnesota, Dr. Alan Fraser of Canada, and Barbara Lister-Sink of North Carolina. As an instructor, Olivia works with the strongest elements of teaching from the leaders in this field to bring the best instruction available to our students at North Hill Music. Olivia’s greatest joy as an teacher is leading students on their journey to become not only proficient artists, but well-organized and problem-solving individuals. She is a member of several music teacher associations include Music Teachers National Association, Minnesota Music Teachers Association, and the St. Paul Piano Teachers Association. 

Olivia started playing the piano at the age of 13 and continues to develop her artistry through numerous performances around the area. She is always seeking new opportunities to perform for her or her students, which includes hospitals, nursing homes, and private gatherings. 

What are our students saying about Olivia? Check out some testimonials below. 

From the very start Olivia makes learnign the piano fun and interesting. I can no quite easily read notes off sheet music, am learning to coordinate my fingers for different chords and have learnt a number of different scales. I would recommend Olivia to anyone, of any age, who is keen to learn properly hot to play piano!
— Sonya, White Bear Lake
I am so glad to have found North Hill usic! My child has been taking private piano lessons from Olivia for almost a year now. I did a lot of resarch beforehand on other places and even tried trial classes at other places in town. In the end, I hose Oliia because of her patience and personal attention.

I grew up forced to learn piano and as a result, did not enjoy it. I wanted the opposite for my children. Olivia has been able to make piano fun and interesting. She gives her full attention to my daughter and chooses songs for her that are tailored to her needs and creates a book just for her to play from.
My daughter actually wants to practice and has picked up the instrument and music theory well. I would recommend this studio if you want your child to explore and deepen their knowledge of music for life, not just rote learning.
— Robert, daughter Mary, Stillwater, MN
I started taking piano lessons with Olivia almost a year ago. I thought I might as well learn to play rather than sit in the car waiting during my daughter’s lesson. Amazingly, I ahve been able to make a lot of progress. Olivia is a very patient and talented teacher. She really loves and appreciates music and it is importatnt for her to pass that on to her students. I highly recommend Olivia.
— Jennifer, Lakeland, MN
My 7 year old son takes lessons weekly with Olivia. I really appreciate her laid back approach. My son has fun at lessons and really enjoys playing the piano. She finds songs that he wants to play while teaching the theory at a level he can understand.
— Rory, Stillwater, MN