Private Instruction

Weekly Individual lessons in Piano or Voice

 At North Hill Music, we employ a student-centered approach to learning how to play the piano. After the fundamentals of music are learned, students are free to study other pieces which come from the genres of classical, rock, popular, or sacred music. The important thing is that you learn to play the music you love! Instructor Olivia Young is creative, patient, and fun in her approach to teaching. She will guide you through the fundamentals of music theory, technique, and sight reading while incorporating your favorite songs into your lessons. Olivia’s Master’s dissertation dissected styles of piano pedagogy, therefore bringing you the best of many different schools of thought. Olivia is fluent in six piano methods that appeal to different types of students. Olivia teaches children, teens, and adults and personalizes each lesson to meet their goals. Music lessons are taught with innovative and exciting methods to keep students learning and growing. North Hill Music incorporates the use of iPads, MacBooks and stereo recording equipment to foster cross-training in the music field. 






Weekly lesson appointments are offered with morning, afternoon, and evening availability. We know you are busy, so we offer a wide variety of piano lesson times. Lessons are first come, first served so call today to reserve your appointment. Most lessons are usually one half hour in length, but longer appointments can be scheduled especially if the student is performing intermediate or advanced repertoire and/or preparing for an audition, contest, or examination. 


Semester Payments or Equal Monthly Installments

To facilitate continuing progress and consistent practice habits, tuition is charged on a semester basis and paid in full at the beginning of the semester or in equal monthly tuition installments to reserve the students appointment. Each semester includes 16 weeks of lessons, one group class, and one performance recital as well as all music books. For more information please read our Financial Responsibility Contract. 

Tuition covers lesson appointments as well as additional time that the instructor spends preparing necessary materials and e-mailing lesson summaries, instructions, and current information about upcoming music events, recitals, and competition schedules, etc. 

North Hill Music also provides group lessons for beginning students (up to two), so if you and a friend would like to start this journey together, please give us a call. The cost for group lessons is split between students, but a 45 minute lesson appointment is required. 

If a student needs to cancel an appointment, 24 hour notice is required if the student would like the option to reschedule the lesson. The student will not be credited for the lesson. While there may be an availability in your instructor’s schedule to make up the lesson, this is not a guarantee. For insight into make-up lessons and why we cannot guarantee them, please read the following article: Make up lessons from an Economist’s Point of View. 

Performance Opportuities

May and December


Student piano recitals are held twice a year. Recital costs are included in your semester tuition. Recitals are great opportunities to build confidence, learn performance techniques, and be inspired by other musicians. Recitals are optional but highly recommended. Performance repertoire will be discussed far in advance so the student feels very secure and prepared. Please bring your family and friends to cheer you on!